About Me

Welcome to the world of Strategic Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy, Wave goodbye to all the past perceptions of Traditional Hypnotherapy and step into the world of Strategy, Mindfulness and results.

Traditionally Hypnotherapy wasn't for everyone, boasting quiet an average strike rate, It became time to embrace a strategic formulated model to help create the changes you desire for yourself with real success!

If you are ready to create change than you have what it takes to begin!

My name is Chantel Ferguson, I have walked in your shoes and I have been on a journey to find my way back to my best self and to regain a sense of peace within after facing life's challenges and discovering I didn't have the skills I needed to go on.

I have dedicated my time to educating myself and asking the right questions and I am now here to help you too!

I had found that I had reached a point in time where I  understood what I was doing wrong, what triggered me and why it was so,

I sort out different types of therapy all of which offered great benefits and support I valued greatly, however I still didn't have the ability to stop certain thoughts or create long term change until I discovered Modern Hypnotherapy based on some of the worlds leaders in the Psychiatric Fields today.

I would like to help you discover your full potential, help you manage stress and fully utilize your talents to help you live the life you are In search for, the life that you deserve!

I have a keen passion for working with children and teens because of the huge impact a child's mental health places on the family unit. 

We know that we live in our unconscious mind, present and connected in the younger years of life.

These years are where our thoughts, perceptions and views of ourselves and the world around us are formed.

Making changes in a young Childs like dramatically changes the trajectory of their future.

That's exciting!

It doesn't matter how stuck you feel, taking the first step by calling to make a session will change the direction of your future.

 The next steps I have waiting for you.

Located in Drummoyne Sydney, foot steps from the heart of Sydney Center, easily assessable by public transport.

Boasting qualifications as a Strategic Hypnotherapist with the Australia Institute of Hypnotherapy and I have also studied Mindfulness & Meditation for Peek Performance with Monash University and

Understanding Cogintive Behavioural Therapy with Reading University.

Certification in Non medication interventions for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Certification in Child Pyschology.

Certification in Mindfulness Meditation.

I have written for Macarthur Parenting, Practice Parenting magazine and Lose your baby weight organisation, Kindling Kids Radio and presented for a Sydney kids Events Website.

I encourage you to begin your journey today. Don't look back!

I can't wait to meet you