CBT Based Hypnotherapy for
Insomnia and Sleep Issues
 Children, Learn the Art of Sleep


Effects of lack of sleep

Lack of sleep causes the brain to slow down or shut down completely!

*Reduces your ability remember things

*Leads to poor concentration and attention span

* Decreased Enjoyment of relationships

*Fewer promotions at work

* You are less likely to help your kids with their homework if you are suffering from Insomnia

Sleep Hygiene Tips & Tricks

Pocket Watch

Stop Checking the time!

Data on a Touch Pad

Avoid screen time before bed

Avoid Alcohol &


Illuminated Rock

Sleep in a dark cool room

Glass of Milk

Don't eat directly before bed.

Keep a Journal


Write a list

trees video.mp4

Spend at least 20 minutes a day in the sunshine

Take a warm relaxing bath

Running in Nature

Do not exercise before bed

Halftone Image of Crowd

Get out into the dark at night time

Yoga Practice