CBT Based Hypnotherapy for

Insomnia and Sleep Issues

For Adults and Children

If You are NOT waking up feeling refreshed 

We can Help!

Lack of sleep causes the brain to slow down or shut down completely!

*Reduces your ability remember things

*Leads to poor concentration and attention span

* Decreased Enjoyment of relationships

*Fewer promotions at work

* You are less likely to help your kids with their homework if you are suffering from Insomnia


Sleep Issues

Sleep issues for kids can show up in a range of ways.

It could mean your child ins't able to sleep alone.

Your child has trouble falling asleep each night.

You child has fears of monsters or the dark that stop them from being able to fall asleep.

Support is here, we can help!


Sleep Issues

Insomnia is most common in women between the ages of 35 and 55.

Sleep is vital for physical and mental health and if you aren't getting enough due to sleep problems, we can help!

Sleep Hygiene Check List

Try This:

Develop a bedtime routine, Journal your thoughts, take a warm bath, drink camomile tea, Meditate, take a warm bath, Get some sunshine, dim the lights and cool the room.


Don't exercise too close to bedtime, Don't over eat, limit screentime, avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed, avoid daytime naps if possible.

Bed Time

Go to bed  at the same time each night.

Start with an hour earlier and increase from there as needed. Try to wake up naturally, but set an

alarm as a safety net. 



Journal your thoughts, write a list of task to do tomorrow. Get everything on paper and off your mind.



No screens before bed
Read a book made of actual paper, or use that old Kindle with the paperwhite screen, but avoid

phone, tablet, television, and computer screens close to bed time. 



Get outside
At least 30 minutes of daylight every day. If that’s not possible or you live in an area where daylight

isn’t all that bright, then get a blue light or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and use it every day. 



Dim the lights at night
Dim, yellow, or warm bulbs are best at night. Save the daylight and white bulbs for daytime. If you

can’t control it, be sure the wear those blue blocking glasses! 



Dark, cool, and quiet room
You’ll sleep better if the room is dark, cool, and quiet. Curtains or a sleep mask can make it dark, and

earplugs or a white noise machine can help if the room isn’t quiet enough. 



Avoid caffeine!
Coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate can all be loaded with caffeine, which can keep you from sleeping.

Swop out Caffeine for Camomile tea




Take a warm relaxing bath or shower to help you unwind


Exercise during the day, but avoid exercise within a hour of your bedtime.

Take time out of the day for you.

A quiet time to process your thoughts and be mindful.


Try to Avoid daytime Naps, Whilst a 20 power nap might help you through the day, a nana nap can also disturb your natural sleep cycle.


Meditate and be Mindful.

Try out a Guided Meditation app to help relax the mind and body.


Avoid Over Eating, 

Your Body will be using energy during the night to process food rather then sleep and recover.


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